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General Secretary of the AFFA , Elkhan Mammadov, says sport

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Clothing a second generation of impressive business leaders, diplomats and


The British Government has officially notified its EU partners of its intention to withdraw the UK from the EU. The two-year process of agreeing

General Secretary of the AFFA , Elkhan Mammadov, says sport provides ample opportunities for diplomacy, mediation and cross-cultural communication

RESTAURANT RECOMMENDATION: Metro Restaurant & Bar at The Levin Hotel in Knightsbridge

Former UK Ambassador Charles Crawford questions what we might learn about diplomacy from the strategic manoeuvring of the grandmasters of chess

Using Cabinet papers from the UK’s national archives, former UK Foreign Secretary Lord Owen writes about the essential role of the little-known, yet pivotal

At the start of the year, former Diplomatic Editor of The Times Michael Binyon outlines the challenges facing the continent

Pakistan High Commissioner Syed Ibne Abbas writes on the occasion of his country’s 70th anniversary of Independence


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