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Slovenia’s Ambassador Tadej Rupel says this special day aims to help save the declining bee population and promote Slovenia’s tradition of beekeeping

Ambassador of Georgia Tamar Beruchashvililooks back to the first democratic Republic of Georgia and forward to modern day vibrant Georgia and its standingon the

Ambassador of the Republic of Poland, Arkady Rzegocki, recalls a turbulent history and highlights all there is to celebrate today and in the future

Good Country Co-founder Simon Anholt calls on all diplomatic missions to share their nation’s policies that have brought measurable benefits both inside and outside

Bernard Jenkin MP discusses the customs partnership proposal and its political consequences

Charity partner for the 2018 Tata Diplomat of the Year Awards, FfP uses uses the game to create dialogue and unite the world

Former Diplomatic Editor of The Times Michael Binyon looks back throughout history at various diplomatic expulsions across the globe

Executive Director for Tata Ltd Dr David Landsman OBE says Tata remains firmly part of your diplomatic family


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